AthenaX: SQL-based streaming analytics platform at scale

Welcome to the documentation portal of AthenaX!

AthenaX is a streaming analytics platform that enables users to run production-quality, large-scale streaming analytics using Structured Query Language (SQL). AthenaX was released and open sourced by Uber Technologies. It is capable of scaling across hundreds of machines and processing hundreds of billions of real-time events daily.

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  • Streaming SQL
    • Filtering, projecting and combining streams
    • Aggregation on group windows over both processing and event time
    • User-defined functions (UDF), User-defined aggregation function (UDAF), and User-defined table functions (UDTF) (coming soon)
  • Efficient executions through optimizations and code generations
  • Mechanisms to automatically fail over across multiple data centers
  • Auto scaling for AthenaX jobs

Technical Specs

We published a blog post to describe the design and architecture of AthenaX.